Tree Surgeon Bromsgrove

Tree Surgeon Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Tree Surgeon Bromsgrove Portfolio Example.

Here at The Ludlow Tree Company we often get calls for our Expert Tree Surgeons to work on Trees in Bromsgrove. This tree surgery project involved thinning ‘the crown’ on a Large Douglas Fir.

As the tree was quite tall, which is common in Douglas Firs (see below for more info), we used an access platform to reach the crown and then carefully removed all the dead wood.

Once the project was completed the thinning allowed much more light into the house and garden as well as making the garden a safer play area for families children and pets.

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Douglas fir (scientific name Pseudotsuga menziesii)

The Douglas Fir is an evergreen Conifer Tree Native to western North America. Variants of the Douglas fir are some of the tallest conifers in the world. Growing between 60–75 metres (200–246 ft) or more in height and 1.5–2 metres (4.9–6.6 ft) in diameter.

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