Tree Surgeon Hereford

Tree Surgeon Hereford, Herefordshire.

Tree Surgeon Hereford Portfolio Example.

Tree Surgeon Hereford

Tree Surgeon Hereford

This Silver Birch Tree in Hereford was overhanging a conservatory and required dismantling to allow morel light into the conservatory and to prevent future damage to the structure.

The Tree was of a medium size and we were able to dismantle it without the use of an access platform, though extreme caution was required due to it’s proximity to the property.

Upon completion the tree was chipped and disposed of in an ECO friendly manner much to the satisfaction of the client. Leaving them with a much more enjoyable and most importantly safe conservatory and garden space.

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Silver Birch (scientific name Betula pendula)

The Silver Birch is a widespread European birch, though in Southern Europe it is only found at higher altitudes. It is a medium-sized tree usually reaching 15–25 meters (49–82 ft) tall. Characteristically Silver Birches have a slender trunk usually under 40 centimeters (16 in) diameter.

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