Tree Surgeon Kidderminster

Tree Surgeon Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Tree Surgeon Kidderminster Portfolio Example.

Tree Surgeon Kidderminster

Tree Surgeon Kidderminster

This is a example of a complete tree removal project. This tree surgery project involved the removal of a diseased Horse Chestnut (Conker) Tree which was very near to a property in Kidderminster.

This tree was quite tall and quite large in circumference (as can been seen in the photo above). This is common among older Horse Chestnut Trees (see below for more info). We had to be very careful during this delicate Tree Surgery operation.

The tree was quite dense and heavy with awkward tension that needed to be removed methodically and with technical expertise to ensure the safety of both the working Tree Surgeons and the property.

The project was completed without a hitch despite the complex technical aspects involved and left a much safer environment to be enjoyed around the area where the tree had stood and alleviated all concerns for the property owner.

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Horse Chestnut – (scientific name Aesculus hippocastanum) Commonly known as a Conker Tree!

The hippocastanum grows to around 36 metres (118 ft) tall. It has a domed crown and stout branches. As the tree gets older the outermost branches often become pendulous and have curled tips.  The budding flowers are usually white with a small red dot produced in spring. The tree develops fruit which are nut-like seeds called conkers or horse-chestnuts.

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