Deadwood Removal

Local Tree Surgeons

There are a number of reasons why trees contain deadwood. Some species such as pines and spruces will kill off the lower branches as they become surplus to requirement or get shaded out by the canopy above. Deadwood on broadleaf tree's tends to be towards the middle of the crown and is generally a result of heavy shading.

The removal of dead or dying branches may be performed for aesthetic reasons but is more often carried out for safety reasons. Largely, to prevent any issues from branches falling unexpectedly in high-risk areas such as over roads/footpaths, in gardens or in public locations. It involves climbing around the entire canopy of a tree to remove dead branches that will inevitably degrade and eventually fall.

It is possible to safely retain some larger dead branches by reducing their length and weight in order to provide habitat for birds and insects and maintain the aesthetics of the tree.

Occasionally excessive deadwood within the crown of a tree or towards the ends of the branches can indicate that there are other issues relating to the tree’s health. Large dead branches and lots of minor deadwood can be a strong indicator of root problems such as honey fungus or Meriplieus.

Our experienced Tree Surgeons are able to diagnose any such problems and offer advice on future tree care and maintenance.

Deadwood Removal