Woodchip Suppliers

Local Tree Surgeons

We supply woodchip! Good gardeners (and woodchip suppliers) know that a generous layer of woodchip will help garden plants in many ways. Some of the benefits include reduced weeding, cooler soil in the summer, water conservation (need less frequent watering), and the slow addition of organic matter as organic mulches break down.

Because wood chips from tree services are usually a combination of bark, sapwood, hardwood and leaves (during the growing season, or from evergreen plants), as they break down, they slowly provide small amounts of nutrients and increase the organic matter of the soil. This organic matter gets worked down into the soil through the activity of earthworms and insects that live and burrow through the soil. The increased organic matter in the soil results in healthier plant growth.

Woodchip is great for:

  • Putting under fruit trees
  • Making a path
  • Suppressing weeds
  • Making attractive borders and beds
  • Building up raised beds
  • Smoking meat and fish
  • Water conservation
  • Reducing and preventing soil erosion
  • Improving the soil structure, permeability, bioactivity, and nutrient availability
  • Fuel/fire lighting
  • Poultry/livestock flooring
  • Polly tunnel flooring
  • Your compost heap

If you have a project planned that wood chips would be handy for contact us at Ludlow Tree Company (your local woodchip suppliers!) to discuss your requirements.

Woodchip Suppliers