Site and Garden Clearance

Local Tree Surgeons

Occasionally areas of land, gardens, woodlands, waste land and areas for development need clearing of all vegetation and trees.

We offer large scale site clearance including tree, hedge, shrub and stump removal, as well as general vegetation clearance.

  • Stump Grinding People often leave tree stumps because they believe nothing can be done other than the expensive and laborious task of digging them out. However, we can easily remove tree stumps using our powerful stump grinding machinery. The machine effectively chisels small bits of stump off at a rapid rate, getting the stump below ground level and destroying the stump, while also severing the root system.
  • Echo-Plugs Alternatively, you can use Eco-Plugs, a more cost saving option to stump grinding, Eco-plugs are a highly effective tree stump killing treatment. Each plug is drilled into the tree stump, releasing a herbicide, to achieve a 95-100% reduction in regrowth. Eco-plugs have no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation.

Whether you’re looking to gain space or light in your garden, make room for a new flower bed, pond or garden shed or are planning an extension, we have the tools, the staff and the expertise to get the job done professionally and efficiently. With specialist equipment and qualified operators, we can get into almost any space.

Ludlow Tree Company are licenced to remove, carry and process green waste. All the waste created through the clearance is processed through our woodchippers creating a waste product which can easily be recycled either into wood chip for biomass or mulch which can be spread on gardens and flower beds.

Whether you need complete site clearance to begin a landscaping project or need a fallen tree or shrub removed, contact us for a free no-obligation quotation and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Site and Garden Clearance