Hedge Trimming

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges.

Hedge Reduction

Some hedges require a reduction to let in more light to help gain a more compact structure, or to make maintenance less strenuous.

Hedge Planting

Hedgerows are vital for wildlife, linking habitats as corridors for animal, insect and seed dispersal, while providing essential shelter and wind breaks for crops and animals, and a larder for people and wildlife alike. We can plant hedgerows for domestic, commercial or agricultural purposes depending on your specific requirements, as well as providing ground preparation and aftercare.

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Hedge Maintenance Shropshire

We service the following areas for Hedge Maintenance: Locally to Ludlow, Hereford, Worcester, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and surrounding areas.

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