Lawn Care Ludlow Shropshire

Here at The Ludlow Tree Company we are experts in Lawn Care, Turf Laying, Lawn Repair and Maintenance. From our base in Ludlow Shropshire we also cover Hereford and Worcester with our Lawn Care Services.

A lush green lawn improves the kerb appeal of any home, but lawn maintenance can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating for many homeowners. Using the Ludlow Tree Company to care for your lawn means that you can achieve great results without the hassle.


Sometimes however hard you try a lawn degrades so much that it no longer responds to treatment, at that stage you require a lawn turfing service. Sometimes the weeds have taken over or the lawn is patchy where children and pets play.

Whether you decide you need the whole lawn re-turfed or just parts of it, the Ludlow Tree Company can advise you on the best course of action for re-turfing your lawn. If we think the lawn is repairable we might recommend our lawn maintenance service first, but it can also be obvious to us when you need to re-turf your lawn.

A typical lawn turfing project would include site clearance, soil preparation, laying, edging, and watering.

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Lawn Overseeding

We can assess where and when your lawn could benefit from overseeding new seedlings into existing turf to promote overall turf health and development.

Newly seeded lawns should be watered daily to keep seeded areas moist to achieve maximum results.

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Lawn Mowing

Weekly, fortnightly or a One Off Cut whatever your lawn mowing needs the Ludlow Tree Company can help. Whether you need a stand out stripy lawn or just someone to keep on top of things our lawn mowing service is just what you need.

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Lawn Maintenance

At the Ludlow Tree Company we know how to keep a lawn looking good. The services we provide depend on the state of your lawn, and pricing can be offered as either an on going regular lawn maintenance service or a pay as you go basis.

We are more than happy to visit and provide a free estimate.

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Lawn Feeding

It is a common fact that a lawn benefits from regular feeding. Without the extra nutrients from feed grass will soon use up food reserves in the soil. The grass then turns pale and thin and without food to help develop side shoots and thickness the lawn becomes open to invasion from weeds and moss. Our Lawn feeding service will ensure that a regular supply of nutrient rich food makes your lawn thick, lush and green.

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Lawn Care Ludlow Shropshire

We service the following areas for Lawn Care: Ludlow, Hereford, Worcester, Leominster, Church Stretton, Shropshire, herefordshire, Worcestershire.

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